Gazing: Rineke Dijkstra Retrospective

Contemplating the gaze, intimacy, and social/club dance at the Guggenheim

The Gaze

  • Eye contact is the entry point.
  • What do you see about the person you’re looking at?
  • How much of what you see is actually about you?


  • How can you feel intimacy with a static image?
  • What does that say about intimacy?
  • Or about the possibility of simulating intimacy?
  • It is possible to be over come by an experience shared with a static image, but the human image carries a different weight than other images.
  • Are clarity and directness of gaze requisite for an intimate experience with the subject?

Social/Club Dance

  • There is no specific vocabulary, just a general sense of common aesthetic.
  • Rhythm grounds abstract movement
  • The Self is projected into a specific context with the awareness of being seen.
  • Repetition of individual movement vocabulary brings attention to more subtle physical activity, which becomes the most compelling aspect of each subject.

Photograph by Rineke Dijkstra from Beaches series


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