Meat Game

untitled (hallway duet)

Experiment(s): Begin(ning)(s)

Measuring Irregular Volumes

Measuring Irregular Volumes (II) is part of an ongoing series investigating space as it is defined by time, sound, and memory. The origin of this project – an ongoing exploration that began in 2008 – was an interest in the dissonance between inherited histories and present identity construction. Initially the work was closely tied to my personal heritage – specifically my grandfather’s history of displacement from Poland to Siberia during WWII, using it as an anchor point to engage with more abstract questions, asking: How do we acknowledge our ancestral past? What does our perception of this past reveal about ourselves? How do we reconcile the feeling of ownership over familial past with the understanding that it was never really ours?

While traces of that idea linger in imagery of snow and the sensation of distance, the work has, over time, become less rooted in a specific history. Instead, this investigation is evolving to confront the dissonant space itself, the impossible gap between past and present. I am experimenting with text, soundscapes, duration, and repetition as a means of creating an immersive, sensorial experience of that gap. I am interested in the intersection of movement and text and sound, and how the crafting of those elements in process together can create a more textured and specific performance experience.